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Empathy for the buyer and seller

Michelle Furlong, RSR's Sales Manager, knows all about moving. As a child, her family moved from California to Ohio, back to
California, and finally settled in Atlanta. Over the past 20 years, she and her husband have bought four
homes and sold three, often across state lines, as his career advanced and their kids were
starting school.

“I know what it’s like to be on the other side of buying or selling a home,” she says. “I can go into the
experience with a lot of empathy. I know what it is to hope you get the home that you want.”
Today, Michelle, Tim, Matthew, and Andrew are happy to call Boiling Springs their home, and they plan to stay.

Her love for houses and for people led Michelle to a career in realty. Her husband once joked that she
and her sister can make friends in line at a cash register – which actually happened. While her sons were young, she worked from home as an independent contractor testing Google results. Those nine years helped her realize that she can self-manage, too. “What I get out of work is what I put into work,” she says.

Venturing into real estate

In 2017, Michelle met with RSR President Jamie Berrier, who recognized that
her personality and drive made her a great fit for real estate. Michelle set about getting her real estate
license, even while juggling family, work, and home. In March 2018, she joined RSR and felt instantly
welcomed, as co-workers offered help, invited her to walk through procedures, and accepted her
requests to shadow them.

In customer service, Michelle learned how to listen. In real estate, that skill translates to understanding
what the buyer or seller needs and wants – and why. She discovers where the client is and isn’t willing
to compromise, and then sets out to “see if we can find something that has everything.”

“You need to ask the questions and listen to the answers, instead of just waiting for your turn to talk,”
she says.

In 2022, Michelle was named Sales Manager for RSR.  She’s excited about the opportunity and feels her philosophy about helping clients translates well to supporting her fellow agents.

Crafting a positive experience

As a dedicated RSR agent, Michelle hopes her clients “have the feeling that buying or selling a house is
not as stressful as everyone makes it out to be.”

“My goal is to keep clients informed of the process, matching up what they want and what they need, and guiding them to the next phase, ready to succeed and be happy wherever their lives take them. I believe in building relationships with my clients that last beyond the closing.''

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