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Meet Jeffrey Koury

RSR Realtors Office
cell: (717) 439-2047

In life and in real estate, Jeffrey Koury is a detail-oriented person. He likes to know every square inch of the property he is listing or showing. It allows him to intelligently answer any question that a potential client may have. It’s not only important for the client to receive factual information but also for Jeffrey to do his job in a professional manner.  

Koury grew up in real estate, inspired by his father – 30-year veteran and RSR Realtors’ partner Jim Koury – to strive for excellence.

“I always had an interest in it,” says Jeffrey Koury as he launches his own real estate career. “Turns out, I love it as much as I thought I would.”

Koury is a Central Dauphin East High School graduate and a 2013 Penn State graduate with a degree in business management. He quickly earned his real estate license and, perhaps more importantly, started working with his father and other experienced RSR colleagues to learn what he calls the “street smarts of real estate.”   

The real estate profession is all about developing relationships and maintaining them for years on end. Koury believes his outgoing personality and his ability to relate to others on a personal level will help him succeed in this business.      

RSR is noted for its devotion to both residential and commercial real estate, and Koury is gaining experience in both sides. As his career progresses, he hopes to concentrate on commercial real estate, where he believes there are many opportunities waiting for him. 

In dealing with clients, Koury is learning that honesty really is the best policy – plus, keeping in frequent contact so that buyers and sellers know what’s going on.

Koury is a lifelong baseball player who now plays for Penbrook in the East Shore Twilight League. In recent years, he has also been playing more golf, hoping to elevate his game to a competitive level.  Playing sports “gives me a good work ethic,” he says. Playing baseball games three to four nights a week, a round of golf on the weekend and having a full time job helps him to manage his time well. It also provides him with a work ethic that will allow him to excel at each.

At Penn State, Koury participated in the Dance Marathon (THON) as a member of the hospitality committee, distributing water, snacks, and moral support during events throughout the year.  Directly aiding dancers as well as the families of children with cancer was “probably one of the best experiences of my life,” he says.

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