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Garrett Rothman is RSR, REALTORS®'s Vice President and Broker of Record.

As an attorney who initially planned to practice international law in Washington, D.C. , Garrett worked for a judge in the nation’s capital before realizing that Pennsylvania’s capital had all he really wanted.

In 2001, Garrett opted for a change of pace and place when he and his wife Jola, who Garrett met while working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Poland, had their first child.  They returned to the midstate in 2001, with Garrett securing a post at the prestigious law firm of McNees Wallace and Nurick in downtown Harrisburg.

Seeing the contagious enthusiasm with which his father and brother approached real estate , Garrett decided to join RSR in 2003. He soon ranked as one of Central PA’s top producers year in and year out.

A natural problem-solver and connection-builder, it didn’t take Garrett long to realize that, like law, real estate is all about bringing two parties together. But, in a joyous divergence -unlike law-- both parties usually walk away from the transaction exceedingly happy.  He thrives on negotiating to that point of joy for his clients, many of whom have rapidly become his best friends.

He also found working with his family to be a powerful draw, flourishing under an environment of trust.  Garrett is proud that many of his closest friends were his clients first.

 Garrett became the broker of record at RSR in 2012, overseeing the activity of 35 agents, a complement that he hopes to someday expand to 100.  

 A graduate of Penn State University Catholic University Law School in Washington, D.C., Garrett also plays bass guitar in a rock band called Very Americans, and his clients are often in the audience, cheering him on.

Beside his intellect and training in the law, Garrett believes the secret to his success is his desire to build enduring and meaningful relationships, treating people well, and being open to unforeseen challenges and opportunities every day. 

 “Every deal is different, every property you sell is different,” he says.  “I get to use a lot of my legal knowledge in terms of reviewing contracts and negotiating deals… learn something new every day.’’

 He loves that he is not wedded to the clock, logging billable hours. Instead he can devote all the time in the world to each client. 

 He knows that real estate is not about the dollar signs and the endless quest for commission.  “It’s a great way to make a living, there’s a lot of joy in the process.”

 He also prides himself on understanding the market, continuously adding to his professional training, and treating other agents and brokers with the utmost respect.  He aims to treat other agents as kindly and attentively as his clients.

 Garrett believes that what makes RSR special is the collegiality in the office.  Conflicts over clients or commissions are non-existent.

 Garrett and his wife, Jola, a native of Poland, are the proud parents of three:  oldest child, Sofia, is 10; son Teddy is 8; and Cece is 2. As one of the owners of the company and a committed family man, Garrett hopes to someday sell homes to his clients’ children and grandchildren

Averaging about 100 transactions a year, 80 percent of which are residential, Garrett works hard on the relationships he has built with the area’s finest builders, representing them on many popular projects.

 Building on the RSR legacy –which in his mind represents respect for all, satisfaction, and reputation, Garrett cares about building part of central Pennsylvania’s history, culture, progress --and families-- one home at a time. 

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